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GLJ has a firm commitment to green building. Since day one we have sought eco-friendly construction techniques and materials for our projects wherever possible.

Our philosophy is that green living is about healthy, connected, social and responsible living. Whether this means looking to cutting-edge sustainable architecture or simply providing our residents with bicycles for car-free weekends, we take a broad approach to green building and look for progressive answers big and small.       

Here are some of the ways we’re building green

Community-conscious designs

Building in transit oriented locations

Energy efficient technology and appliances

Water-saving fixtures and native landscaping

Materials and finishes that promote healthy indoor air quality

Solar technology

Promoting bike friendly residences, neighborhoods and commutes


Learn more about green building

U.S. Green Building Council http://www.usgbc.org

Building Green http://www.buildinggreen.com

National Association of Homebuilders http://www.nahb.org/gbg

Green Building Initiative http://www.thegbi.org

State of California Building Green Home Page http://www.ciwmb.ca.gov/GreenBuilding

Green Mortgages http://www.mortgageloan.com/environment

Fox News Green Blog http://green.foxnews.com