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GLJ projects are characterized by striking architecture, uncompromising attention to detail and an emphasis on sustainable building practices. Since the partnership began in 2007, the company has emphasized infill projects in highly desirable areas of Southern California – areas that benefit in the long term from healthy demand and a robust economy. 

GLJ develops and constructs all types of residential products, including single-family detached homes, prestigious multi-story rental housing with subterranean parking, and mixed-use residential/retail projects.

The firm’s extensive experience with highly complex infill development has helped it hone successful strategies for gaining accord from numerous stakeholders, including government entities, neighbors and local businesses. The partners have an enviable record of securing entitlements for challenging sites.

GLJ Partners’ collaborative philosophy and innovative approach has resulted in a portfolio that has delivered superior investment results through every market cycle.

The firm’s projects have received various design awards.  However, the most meaningful come from the respect they get from residents, neighbors, financial partners and colleagues.